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The installation of pavers and pavestone to any property is a very elegant and attractive addition. In the past, paver choices and colors were quite limited, but today’s market is filled with hundreds of different styles, shapes, colors and textures. The choice to install pavers not only adds beauty but adds to the property value as well.

Facts About & Benefits of Pavers and Pavestone

  • Paver stones are strong enough to drive on and make fantastic looking driveways
  • Pavers come in hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes to coordinate and enhance your home and landscaping
  • Flexibility is a key factor in choosing pavers for your home landscaping. Because of the large choice of size and shape, they can accommodate nearly any size or shape area
  • They hold up wonderfully to Florida’s heat / rain cycles
  • Pavers offer low moisture absorption
  • Paver installations are virtually maintenance free
  • If individual pavers need to be replaced, it is a relatively inexpensive process

Shapes, Sizes and Colors of Pavers and Pavestone

  • Pavers come in many shapes: parallelogram, w-shaped, x-shaped, fan shaped and keyhole shaped
  • The paver pattern you choose can change the look of your project: running bond, herringbone, basket weave, circular fan and combinations of patterns
  • Paver come in many, many colors including: bluestone, brick, gray, pink, red, gold, coffee, brown, orange, light gray, charcoal
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Working with Belden Pavers & Stones and our design team, we will work with you to sort through all the beautiful styles, colors, and design patterns to choose from when planning and designing your outdoor space. From earth tones to vibrant colored stone pavers, there are endless textures and styles to choose from. We will help bring your design vision to life while maintaining your budget and also making sure you get the most value out of your home improvement project.