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A well-designed outdoor living room can extend the style and character of your home out into your yard, even if that style changes overtime. The durability of Belden Paver’s materials means it can handle every time you update outdoor furniture or rearrange the layout for different seasons or evenings of entertainment, without cracking or fading. The permeable pavers we offer means any uncovered paved patio will encourage the natural water cycle.

Whether you have a luxury or a small home, we can handle your entire outdoor living installation or renovations project from concept and design through to completion, and we offer Free Estimates.

Additionally, Belden Paver’s low-voltage lighting designs enable you to naturally illuminate steps, features, and walls without interfering with your open-concept outdoor living space. Simply put, you don’t have to have a giant grass lawn anymore (no more weeding, mowing, or wasting water!). You can create a welcoming, low-maintenance outdoor living space with a little inspiration and a few pavers.

Different Outdoor Living Elements

We understand that every client has different ideas about what they want their gardens and yards to be like, and it’s why we focus on working very closely with our clients to understand what these preferences are. Keeping these in view, our designers will then plan the patio, deck and other yard spaces. We have the expertise to design and install a range of outdoor living features such as:

PATIO: This is a very popular outdoor element and it instantaneously adds to the livable space on your property. While you do have the option to keep this open to the air, many homeowners prefer to get this space semi-enclosed. In fact, they may use as a BBQ sit-out area, or even an outdoor kitchen.

OUTDOOR KITCHEN: Adding a well-planned outdoor patio kitchen is a great way to add value to your home. It becomes the perfect space to enjoy a few relaxed moments with your family or even where you can entertain friends in.

We can use patio pavers and build half height retaining walls, with built-in seating to provide enough space to sit, without impacting the movement flow of the space. The outdoor kitchen design will be dependent on the available space, the existing features on your property, the materials used and your personal preferences too.

FIRE PLACES: These are an excellent addition to any outdoor area. In fact, this installation becomes the focal point of any landscape. It could be made of stone, brick or concrete; if you choose the latter material, we can also clad it with stone or brick veneer to lend it a very unique look. Some of our customers also opt for a stucco finish for their outdoor fireplaces.

FIRE PITS: If you want a fire feature on your property, but feel that you don’t want a fireplace, you can opt for a custom fire pit. This can be of any shape and size you want, and you can choose from materials such as concrete, brick or natural stone here too. The pit can be filled with recycled glass, rock or river rock too and you can decide whether you want a wood burning fire pit or a gas fire pit.